How to Make Your Mama Village During a Pandemic

By: Paige Joseph, founding member of BBX

*Sighs heavily* Remember the time where we used to be able to go to the park, watched other parents  interact with their kids to muster up the courage to chat it up/ schedule a playdate? Yeah me neither… if you have an auto-immune disease like myself, it can be very hard to establish and search for a mom village during national pandemic without compromising health. 

Now that we have lived in this pandemic age for almost six months, we at BBX have figured some work-arounds to help new moms seeking a village. At the end of the day, we deserve to be surrounded by supportive, like-minded parents who can uplift us when we are raising a child during a pandemic — in person or not. 

Here are some ways to create your mama village during a pandemic:

  1. Find a Breastfeeding support group locally
    • A great way to find a BF Support group is a basic google search. I personally like to find mom blogs in the area and see what play groups they have. Most times there is a local breastfeeding support group. Reach out to see if they are holding Zoom calls or Google Hangouts in replace of meeting up. And if you feel comfortable to meet in person, take the necessary steps to be safe (socially distance, wash hands frequently and wear masks). 
  2. Don’t be afraid to invest in memberships or services
    • I am a doula and there are a lot of cases I witness where mamas find their village after paying for services within my Doula network. They would have never considered or had a village if they weren’t open to first investing in education and information. There are so many ways to invest your dollars to get into social circles and you get to take the time to feel the group out. If it’s not for you, just cancel it, and if you find a friend or two you click with, that is also a start!
  3. Social media groups!
    • Six months in and we all know social media is our way to stay connected through the pandemic. It is no surprise that it is the best way to continue relationships, but what about starting relationships? I say, don’t knock it until you try it. Social media groups can be broad or have a niche. I am in several groups on Facebook that range from a general “Black moms do breastfeed” to “Black girls who garden” to “Black moms who cloth diaper.” Request the group and make a post to introduce yourself, you’ll be amazed at how support from afar on similar issues and pains makes you ~feel~ closer. 
    • While you’re here, do yourself a favor and join any of these Facebook groups right now!
  1. Start your own! 
    • Maybe YOU are what the community has been waiting for! It doesn’t have to be formal or have a big following, in fact, you and just a few like-minded people. It is so easy to start a group, just remember to take safety precautions and not to share information over the internet. 

What are some Facebook groups you are in? What are some ways you started your village? Please share with us and other mamas in the comments! Looking forward to your stories <3



About the Author

Hi, I’m Paige! I am a mother, doula, and birth educator who supports and empowers birthing people and their partners. I establish trustworthy relationships with my clients to ensure they are as educated and informed as possible, in their birth choices. When families hire me, they get an advocate but also get to learn how to vocally advocate for themselves beyond the birth setting.

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One thought on “How to Make Your Mama Village During a Pandemic

  1. Arren says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this! I found my village through reconnecting with high school friends in the area who had babies around the same age. Turned out we lived in the same neighborhood!

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