How to Make Your Mama Village During a Pandemic

Now that we have lived in this pandemic age for almost six months, we at BBX have figured some work-arounds to help new moms seeking a village. At the end of the day, we deserve to be surrounded by supportive, like-minded parents who can uplift us when we are raising a child during a pandemic — in person or not.

An Open Letter to the Breastfeeding Mama in Desperate need of Self-Care

Dear Breastfeeding Mama,  I know that you are tired. That you don’t feel like yourself, let alone “feel yo self” and this is why it is SO imperative that you take care of yourself. It seems so impossible, so hopefully, this letter will help you see it is very possible and challenges you to see […]

You Don’t Need to be a Mom to Advocate for Moms

Take Jade’s experience for example. She directed and photographed the images hanging on the wall two years ago to be a part of the @GoddessCollective7. Today, she is one of the founding Board Members to the Black Birth Experience Inc, a Non-profit combating the high infant and Black Mother Mortality rate with art and advocacy. Here is what she had to say about BBX and doing the work.